String Quartet

After a period of several months in 2019 I have composed a new work for string quartet. During the writing process I was fortunate to spend a lot of time in Iceland, which for me is perhaps the most idyllic spot for nurturing creativity.

Programme note:

A continuous white glow that seamlessly changes from one white hue to another is the primary idea behind my String Quartet. Perhaps something close to the idea behind the work of ceramicist Edmund de Waal (b.1964), whose vast collections of white, fragile, porcelain vessels are different from one another only vaguely in regard to their differing shades of white, stamped indentations, and form. In my String Quartet canons and imperfect imitations are revealed only by the articulations and textures produced by each voice. By the entry of every new phrase, the prevailing polyphonic textures carry their own shade, form and movement. The music develops very slowly, with the desire to reach a state of slow breathing, or sometimes even stillness. Perhaps similar in form to an Indian raga, a microtonal series reveals more of itself little by little until reaching its zenith, and then (in this case) towards a tumultuous end.

Duration: approx. 15’30”

_ _ _

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